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“… the background, tools, and techniques to really ‘do’ service design, in just a few days.”

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To accompany the books, This is Service Design Doing offers executive education for professionals who are striving to innovate or improve customer or employee experience, or to integrate service design in organisations. Our schools add up to a comprehensive curriculum on service design process, methods, tools, facilitation and implementation.

The schools are created and led by three of our main authors: Marc Stickdorn, editor of This is Service Design Thinking, and Markus Hormess and Adam Lawrence, initiators of the Global Service Jam. Some schools include special guest facilitators, all with strong links to #TiSDD.

We normally teach in English, but also offer courses in German or French and with Mandarin. If a particular edition of a course is offered in (or augmented by) other languages, this is mentioned in the description.

Edition 1

TiSDD Executive School

This is the premium "full" version of our school for executives striving to create or improve customer experiences and integrate service design in their organisation. We get hands-on with service design tools, methods, and process.
Duration: 5 days in-person, or 8 half-days online.

There is a special emphasis on facilitation, implementation, and embedding service design.

Edition 2

TiSDD Essentials
Short school

This compact course covers the same service design tools, methods, and process as the Executive School, but with less focus on facilitation, implementation, or embedding. It is ideal for people joining an existing team, or collaborating with one.
Duration: 3 days in-person, or 5 half-days online.

Edition 3

Facilitaton DEEP-DIVE

Take a three day deep-dive into the mastery of service design facilitation as you learn how to engage and energise participants, understand the needs of different preferences, and use space, status and timing to co-create better – both online and offline.
Duration: 3 days in-person.

There is a special section on dealing with challenging situations and colleagues.


Todays customers are more knowledgeable than ever before, and they are talking to each other which makes customer satisfaction more important than it has ever been.

Services and products merge into multi-channel ecosystems in which genuine relationships with both customers and stakeholders are crucial for an authentic brand experience, transforming customers into brand ambassadors.

Only an in-depth and holistic understanding of customers and their environment can create offerings that provide meaningful value and make a real difference on the bottom line. 

Service design thinking can provide this understanding. Learn how to apply Service Design Thinking to the rapid innovation of customer experiences in multi-channel product-service ecosystems.

Our various schools have strictly limited numbers and take place just a few times a year. Join an existing school or inquire about how to bring the school to your town or exclusively to your organisation.

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