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Jun 2023: TiSDD UPDATE 2023 (Alumni event)

22.06.2023 — 23.06.2023
2x 3-hour learning and sharing event (only alumni & friends)
sold out

After more than 50 #TiSDD schools in three languages and ten countries, we are thrilled to announce that our alumni community has grown to almost 1000 professionals from all over the world. Each of you has a wealth of experience to share and a fascinating story to tell.We believe it's time to come together and start sharing those stories. We invite you to join us for TiSDD UPDATE 2023 – ONLINE EDITION. We will be happy to meet you online for two facilitated open space sessions:

  • 22 June: European evening timeslot, good for Europe/Africa/Americas
  • 23 June: European morning timeslot, good for Europe/Africa/Asia-Pacific


experts in the field

Marc Stickdorn, the co-author of the award-winning service design book ‘This is Service Design Thinking’. View Marc’s profile on LinkedIn

Markus Hormess, Service Innovation Expert and co-initiator of the world’s largest service design event ‘Global Service Jam’. View Markus’s profile on LinkedIn

Adam Lawrence, Service Design & Customer Experience Expert and co-initiator of the world’s largest service design event ‘Global Service Jam’. View Adam’s profile on LinkedIn

You!, TiSDD Alumni and service design practitioner with awesome stories to share... :)


Highly practical Workshop

At the meetup, you will have the opportunity to:

- Catch up on the latest developments in the world of “service design doing” with new content from Marc, Markus, Adam and our international faculty

- Learn from other alumni working in many industries on all continents, as they share stories of success – and failure

- Enjoy an outside perspective from an invited speaker (tba)

- Meet old friends, and perhaps make new ones…


What to expect in detail

Times relative to your timezone

+00:00 Kick-off

Kick-off the event with a warm welcome to all attendees. Chat with other alumni and share what happened in your personal service design world since you attended the course.

+00:15 TiSDD Community Q&A

An open floor for participants to ask questions and share insights related to service design. This is a great opportunity to learn from each other's experiences and get feedback from the broader alumni community and faculty. Participants can submit questions in advance or ask them live during the session.

+01:00 Community break

Have a coffee with other alumni while chatting in breakout rooms. 

+01:10 TiSDD Break-Outs

Engage in one of three parallel sessions focused on specific areas of service design: Facilitation, Journey Map Operations, and Prototyping. These break-outs provide an opportunity to deep dive back into these topics, look at a specific challenge you currently have, and exchange tips and tricks.

  • Facilitation (Adam): Discuss and share best practices, tips, and techniques on effective facilitation in service design and beyond.
  • Journey Map Operations (Marc): Explore and discuss how to use Journey Maps as a management tools for your organisation.
  • Prototyping in the age of A.I. (Markus): Explore different approaches how A.I. changes the way we can prototype in teams and share challenges and experiences.

+02:00 Social break

Have another coffee with other alumni while chatting in breakout rooms. Or have a tea. Or biscuits. Or both.

+02:10 Invited Speaker Session

Listen to a special talk from a yet-to-be-announced invited speaker. The speaker will share their experiences, insights, and tips related to service design. There will also be a chance for attendees to ask questions and engage in a discussion with the speaker.

+02:50 Closing the session

Wrap up the event by summarizing key takeaways, acknowledging the contributions of all participants, and providing information about upcoming events or ways to stay involved in the TiSDD community.

+03:00 Soft close

Optional post-session chat. Stay on and chat about service design, or other topics that you are interested in. 

Facts & Figures

Language: English

Venue: Online (Zoom/Miro)

Dates:  June 22st - 23rd 2023

Ticket Price: € 30 (plus VAT) per event or 50€ (plus VAT) for both

How to sign up: The event is strictly limited to alumni of the TiSDD Executive School and Essentials courses (both online and in-person) plus a friend, partner, colleague, ...

Prices are excluding VAT. Questions? Contact us:


General info

This is Service Design Doing moves service design thinking from theory to practice, connecting customer experience to business success. The School facilitators Adam, Marc, and Markus, together with Jakob, also published the book with the same name. With cases and tips from 300 contributors, the authors outline tools and methods, discuss running workshops, sprints and projects, and explore embedding service design.

The co-created script of past editions of the schools laid one of the foundations for the book’s content.

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