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18.6.2024 — 20.6.2024
3x 3-hour course "Journey Management"
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This TiSDD DEEP DIVE is an intensive 3x 3-hour course on Journey Management (or as we prefer to call it: Journey Map Operations). With a combination of talks, interactive workshops, and Q&A sessions, you'll learn how to bring journey mapping from a simple workshop tool to an interconnected information system in organizations.


experts in the field


Marc Stickdorn, the co-author of the award-winning service design book ‘This is Service Design Thinking’. and 'This is Service Design Doing'. He is also CEO and one of the founders of Smaply, a dedicated journey mapping software. View Marc’s profile on LinkedIn


Highly practical Workshop


No matter if you’re completely new to journey maps or if you’re a veteran in journey mapping, using journey maps as a visual customer-centric management tool requires a specific set-up and governance structure. When implemented correctly, it can help you to keep an overview of ongoing and planned initiatives in your organization as well as a repository of past projects including previous journey maps and research data.

Journey Map Ops enables you to:

  • Keep a hierarchy of maps that are always up-to-date
  • Build a repository of previous projects and research data
  • Coordinate all projects in your organization with impact on CX/EX
  • Find old projects and build new projects on existing data
  • Create a dashboard of CX/EX for management
  • Actively build bridges between organizational silos

Participant Quotes

"The Customer Journey Ops course with Marc is a great opportunity to learn and practice how you can build, connect and manage your customer journeys in a way that's relevant and useful for your organization. Marc provides theoretical grounds along with his insights and examples from different industries that help you and your team to build a clear repository of journeys that can be linked together and introduced into a journey mapping software tool as a single source of truth. This is a course that will help you build a foundation for a systematic approach to managing and designing better customer experiences across your organization."
Ana Osredkar, Co-founder and director – Servis 8, Slovenia

"I would recommend Journey Map Operations to anyone who wants to build End-to-End visibility of Customer Experience, break silos and unite their organization around customers and users. Marc gives lots of practical recommendations as well as strong inspirations. Make sure you do ask questions as Q&A is something I have found particularly amazing in this very hands-on course."
Nikita Zachinskiy, Behavioural Scientist, Vodafone NZ


What to expect in detail


Session 1: Management Maps (3 hours incl. breaks)

- Intro to Journey Management and Journey Map Operations (JMO)

- Creation and use cases of Journey Maps

- Evaluation and reliability of Journey Maps

- Exercise on Management Maps

- Q&A session

Session 2: Journey Management (3 hours incl. breaks)

- Research exercise for Emotional Journey & Dramatic Arc

- Exercise on Journey Hierarchy incl. reflection

- Including KPIs and building Journey Performance Indicators (JPI)

- Overview of governance system for Journey Map Operations

- Q&A session

Session 3: Journey Map Operations (3 hours incl. breaks)

- Personas as a strategic element in JMO

- JMO as an information system for organizations

- Connecting JMO with Triple Track Agile Management

- Exercise on crafting a roadmap to introduce JMO in organizations

- Q&A session

Facts & Figures

Language: English

Venue: Online (Zoom & Mural)

Dates:  18-20 June, 2024

Session times:
Berlin (GER): 9:00 am – 12:00 pm CEST
London (UK): 8:00 am – 11:00 am BST
Dubai (UAE): 11:00 am – 2:00 pm GST
Singapore: 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm SGT
Tokyo (JP): 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm JST
Sydney (AU): 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm AEST

Max. Participants: 30

Early Bird Ticket Price: € 599 until the 1st of May 2024

Regular Ticket Price: € 699

In case that you cannot participant in the live course, e.g. due to time zone difference, you can register for a recording ticket with 25% discount here:
Register for recording ticket

Cancellation policy: 
More than 30 days until course start: 80% refund
14-30 days until course start: 50% refund
Less than 14 days until course start: no refund

Prices are excluding VAT. A certificate from Marc Stickdorn (SDN accredited Master Trainer) is awarded to participants who successfully complete the course. Discounts available for teams signing up, Non-Profits and Government Organizations. Contact




General info

This is Service Design Doing moves service design thinking from theory to practice, connecting customer experience to business success. The School facilitators Adam, Marc, and Markus, together with Jakob, also published the book with the same name. With cases and tips from 300 contributors, the authors outline tools and methods, discuss running workshops, sprints and projects, and explore embedding service design.

The co-created script of past editions of the schools laid one of the foundations for the book’s content.

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