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July 2020: ESSENTIALS Online

13.07.2020 — 17.07.2020
5-halfdays "Essentials Online"
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This is Service Design Doing: Essentials ONLINE is a comprehensive course on service design process, methods, and facilitation.

We live in a service-based economy. 1.7 billion people work in service platforms. The course is designed for executives striving to create or improve customer experiences and integrate service design in their team or their organisation. 

This course is led by Marc Stickdorn, co-author of the book This is Service Design Thinking, and by Markus Edgar Hormess and Adam Lawrence, co-initiators of the Global Service Jam. All  faculty are authors of the new top seller “This is Service design DOING”. 

The course has been presented in Amsterdam, New York, Barcelona, Berlin and Shanghai, and it is now, for the first time, offered publicly online as an “Essentials Online” version, spread over 5 half days in the same week.


experts in the field

Marc Stickdorn, the co-author of the award-winning service design book ‘This is Service Design Thinking’. View Marc’s profile on LinkedIn

Markus Hormess, Service Innovation Expert and co-initiator of the world’s largest service design event ‘Global Service Jam’. View Markus’s profile on LinkedIn

Adam Lawrence, Service Design & Customer Experience Expert and co-initiator of the world’s largest service design event ‘Global Service Jam’. View Adam’s profile on LinkedIn


Highly practical Workshop

What is the difference between TiSDD Executive Course (5 days) and TiSDD "Essentials ONLINE" ?

The 5 day “Executive School” and the shorter “Essentials” courses (in-person and online) both cover the same core tools and processes, equipping you to start your own projects in an organisation. The 5-day course has a deeper emphasis on facilitation skills, and on the embedding of service design in strategy and everyday business.

The 5 half-days “Essentials Online” course provides practical exercises looking at how to practice service design remotely.

Attending all sessions of the TISDD ESSENTIALS ONLINE course is the equivalent of completing the TiSDD ESSENTIALS in-person. 


What to expect in detail

Day 00 (Friday, July 10th): 1.5 hours
Prep meeting, meet-&-greet, Software intro & tech check

Day 01 (Monday, July 13th): 2x 1.5 hours
Session 1: Orientation & Overview
Session 2: Research & Research Wall

Day 02 (Tuesday, July 14th): 2x 1.5 hours
Session 1: Personas & System Maps
Session 2: Journey Maps

Day 03 (Wednesday, July 15th): 2x 1.5 hours
Session 1: Ideation
Session 2: Prototyping I

Day 04 (Thursday, July 16th): 2x 1.5 hours
Session 1: Prototyping II
Session 2: Future-state Journey, Case Study, Service Blueprint, Business Model

Day 05 (Friday, July 17th): 3x 1 hour
Session 1: Masterclass on Project planning (60 min)
Session 2: Masterclass on Facilitation (60 min)
Session 3: Masterclass on Embedding / JM Ops (60 min)

Facts & Figures

Language: English

Venue: Online via Zoom on Europe / Asia friendly time

Dates: July 13th – July 17rd 2020 with sessions scheduled for
Berlin (GER): 9:00-10:30 CEST and 11:00-12:30 CEST
Dubai (UAE): 11:00-12:30 GST and 13:00-14:30 GST
Shanghai (CN): 15:00-16:30 CST and 17:00-18:30 CST
Sydney (AU): 17:00-18:30 AEST and 19:00 - 20:30 AEST

Max. Participants: 30

Full Participation Ticket (Participation + Daily Q&A + Recording):
Regular Price: 1290 €
Early Bird (until June 15th): 890 €

Recording Ticket (Access to recorded sessions + one live Q&A session):
Regular Price: 649 €
Early Bird (until June 15th): 449 €

Coaching add-on package (optional):
3x 50-minute 1:1 sessions with your favourite faculty: 690 €

Registration: to enroll for this training, please click the Registration button on the top right corner of this page.

Note: All sessions will be recorded and available to all participants for 90 days.


General info

This is Service Design Doing moves service design thinking from theory to practice, connecting customer experience to business success. The School facilitators Adam, Marc, and Markus, together with Jakob, also published the book with the same name. With cases and tips from 300 contributors, the authors outline tools and methods, discuss running workshops, sprints and projects, and explore embedding service design.

The co-created script of past editions of the schools laid one of the foundations for the book’s content.

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